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Inside of The Badass Mama Warriors Annie reveals the exact process she used to STOP RUSHING AROUND all the time and create a peaceful, healthy lifestyle for her family. 

This community is designed to help you manage your lifestyle so you feel more at peace, confident and have more time for yourself & enjoy life!

Meet Your Host,  Annie Peguero

A military spouse, mom of girls & holistic living strategist. 

Annie empowers purposeful moms to become more intentional with their time & energy, so they can consistently CRUSH their lifestyle goals through her creative programs.

Here's the Story of the BIRTH of The Badass Mama Warriors:  When Annie resigned from her career to become a military spouse and mom she lost her identity and felt lost.  As a former figure competitor and cop she knew the power of discipline and programs...and also knew she didn't want to live that way anymore!  Deprivation and strict guidelines was not something she wanted for her family.  As a personal trainer Annie saw some women stayed with their nutrition plan while some never reached their goals.

So instead of continuing to write nutrition plans for her clients, Annie wanted to BE more for them so they could BE MORE and live the life they wanted...long term.

Annie created The Badass Mama Warriors community to serve women in a holistic way- working on mindset through conversations and activities with special expert guests to GET UNSTUCK once and for all and START LIVING the life you KNOW YOU ARE CAPABLE OF and never look back.

Go from tired all the time and not being able to keep up with your kids to energized, feeling awesome in your clothes and confident in your skin!

We know what it's like to KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and not do it.  Now and here is your chance to BE the woman you are on the INSIDE!

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WHO are The Badass Mama Warriors?

REAL life ambitious women who overcome obstacles and CRUSH their goals with energy and support. Monthly themes, deep dives into real life ish that matters & guest experts. Don't get left behind! Join the rest of us TODAY and uplevel your life and BEGIN with upleveling your COMMUNITY. Annie empowers purposeful moms to become more intentional with their time & energy, so they can consistently CRUSH their lifestyle goals through her creative programs.


See what the workouts look like inside of The Badass Mama Warriors

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The Monthly Themes inside of The Badass Mama Warrior Community

We all know that healthy living is so much more than workouts and meals. Once you're a Badass Mama Warrior you won't have to stress about workouts, dinner or finding time for YOU anymore- we got you covered with REAL LIFE time saving hacks, systems and a plan for making healthy living simple so you can spend more time doing all the things you love!

Ohhh, there's more!

 -Ignore the crap about dieting and restricting and learn to enjoy FOOD FREEDOM for LIFE!

- Eat more of what makes you feel good and tastes GOOD and less of what makes you feel bad or tastes boring (um no more basic food prep of chicken, rice and broccoli up in here!)

- Forget about needing motivation and discipline because that's a load of crap too! Enjoy movement and exercise that EXCITES YOU and keeps you coming back for more

- Join a sisterhood of down to earth women who lift you up and legit give a shit about you and your lifestyle

-Expert guests each month who help ignite your fire on topics that matter to YOU!


- Plus we've partnered with Your Dinner Is Planned for FULL ACCESS to their app so you can spend your time doing things that matter and NEVER PLAN DINNERS again (or sides or kids snacks or desserts OR write grocery lists- yeah it's also LIFE CHANGING!)


Join our holistic community empowering intentional badass living for purposeful moms

 I transform women who misplaced their spark into badass mama warriors who rock their holistically healthy lifestyle so they can show up energized for their family through my members only community. 

Your host: Annie Peguero


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Don't really feel like a badass yet?

No big deal! So many moms would never call themselves a badass, but we beg to differ. You are amazing and being surrounded by other supermoms will fuel your FIRE! But sure...I get it... maybe you think NOW isn't the time...I'll tell ya this...the ladies on the INSIDE of the community are doing things they have been putting off for YEARS! Why. Not. YOU!?

Most women don't even give themselves enough creds! YOU ARE A TOTAL BADASS! and need to be around like minded women so you SHINE! 

Never question your badassery again!  Feel confident and supported by other strong women.


Be totally inspired to mom so hard PLUS, reach your OWN GOALS in life with a full cup- so you can BEST serve your badass family too!

"Here's what one badass mama warrior said about our mama warrior workouts: Another awesome work out this morning and I was on the floor planking and marveling at a) how much stronger I am after just 2 weeks and b) I'm working out on a public holiday and it was no trouble at all! Woo hoo! Such a gift!"

Jayne Nakata
Badass Mama Warrior of 2 & CEO of Transformations with Jayne

" So much love and support from real women who all just want to be the best version of themselves and set a healthy example for their families. Being a mom and a wife brings me so much joy but it can also be extremely draining. I often felt like there wasn’t enough of me to go around and my “goodness” would run out before the day was over. But after putting into practice the philosophies of The Badass Mama Warriors, and making myself a priority, I have more goodness to share with the people I love most! From live workouts; to nutrition tips; to life hacks; and a fresh, raw community who emphasizes the importance of self care, the mama warriors have it all!”"

Micah Wilpula
Badass Mama Warrior of 2 and CEO at Dutch Lane Kennels

"“A little over a year ago I was frustrated, frumpy, irritable and the tension in my home between not just me and my hubby but also my kiddos was so palpable. I was tired of feeling out of control, overwhelmed, and well tired. It was only after becoming apart of the this amazing Freedom Society that I realized I had stopped putting myself first and it was affecting my entire family. This group helped me find my passion, my voice, and my sanity so I could become the best mom to my wonderful boys and be a better wife. It taught me the art of balancing my trinity and gave me the community support I not only yearned for but needed!”"

Emily Hasse Giardina
Badass Mama Warrior of 2 and Medical Professional

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